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Autor Tema: - the easiest and fastest way to prototype with ARM microcontrollers  (Leído 23651 veces)
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« en: 22 de Enero de 2011, 09:29:43 »

Hola gente del foro, buscando alguna idea de cómo encarar un problema me encontré con esta página ( para ARM que parece estar más que completa. Está auspiciada por ARM y NXP y la finalidad es proveer a los desarrolladores formas rápidas de comerzar a desarrollar embebidos, pretende resolver los problemas de inicializaciones y drivers para dejar al desarrollador la tarea de concentrarse en la funcionalidad.
Espero que no sea un repost.

Les dejo los enlaces de la sección Cookbook de esa página (visítenla para acceder a ellos Giñar):


    About the Cookbook - What it is for, how to use it, and how you can contribute
    Wiki Syntax - The full wiki markup syntax used in the cookbook
    mbed Design Challenge - Why not enter! Deadline is 28th February 2011!

Components and Libraries

This section is for information about different reusable building blocks; primarily components and the libraries, code and information to make use of them. For more about Libraries, see Working with Libraries.
TCP/IP Networking

    Getting started with networking and mbed - read this first
    Ethernet - physical connection and wiring
    Networking Stack Releases - Information about the different TCP/IP stack versions
    NetServices - A fork of the original TCP/IP stack (above), including additional enhancements and bugfixes

Network clients and servers

    HTTP Client - GET and POST requests
    HTTP Server - handle HTTP requests
    SMTP Client - a simple email client supporting plain authentication
    NTP Client - set the RTC
    Twitter - post to twitter
    SuperTweet - post to Twitter via SuperTweet
    Pachube - post to
    MySQL Client - connect to MySQL


    BlueUSB - Bluetooth, Wii controller, Hubs, etc
    USB MSD - USB flash drives

LCDs and Displays

    Text LCD - A driver for Text LCD panels
    Nokia LCD - controlling a 130x130 Nokia display
    VT100 Terminal - control cursor position
    Embedded Artists OLED Display - A 96x64 pixel OLED
    4D SGC TFT Screen - A library for 320 x 240 16bits color touch screen

Motors and Actuators

    Servo - Control a Radio Control (R/C) model servo
    Motor - Control a DC motor with PWM and an H-bridge
    Dynamixel AX12 Servo - Digitally controlled robot servo


    GlobalSat EM-406 GPS Module
    ITG-3200 Gyroscope - Triple axis digital gyroscope
    SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger - I2C Ranging sensor
    SRF05 Ultrasonic Ranger - Simple ranging sensor
    SCP1000 Pressure Sensor - SPI MEMS barometric, absolute pressure sensor


    CameraC328 - C328 (COMedia) - JPEG Color Camera with UART Interface
    Camera_LS_Y201 - LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface


    LIS302 Accelerometer - Triple axis digital SPI accelerometer
    ADXL345 Accelerometer - Triple axis digital accelerometer


    CMPS03 Digital Compass - Robot digital compass module
    HMC6352 Digital Compass - Honeywell digital compass module
    HMC5843 Digital Compass - Honeywell digital compass module


    ID12 RFID Reader - Read 125KHz RFID tags
    RWD RFID modules - RFID readers from IB technology


    MAX6675 Thermocouple - A SPI digital thermometer
    TMP102 Temperature Sensor - An I2C temperature sensor
    OneWireCRC DS18S20, DS18B20 temperature sensors

Clocks and Oscillators

    Si570 - Silicon Laboratories Si570 frequency synthesizer, with I2C interface.

Interfaces and Drivers

    MCP23017 - 16 bit quasi bi-directional I/O expander for I2C bus
    MCP23S17 - 16 bit quasi bi-directional I/O expander for SPI bus
    PCA9675_IO_Expander - 16 bit quasi bi-directional I/O expander for I2C bus
    PCF8574 I2C IO Expander - Popular 8-bit I2C I/O Expander
    PCF8575-I2C-IO-Expander - 16-bit port expander
    QEI - Quadrature encoder interface
    PID - Proportional, integral, derivative controller
    IMU - Inertial measurement unit orientation filter
    Microchip 23K256 SRAM
    Simplified access to a Microchip 24LCxx Serial EEPROM device
    IR - Infrared ray transmitter and receiver
    TxIR - A low-level library to transmit infrared (IR) commands
    mAVRISP - Program an AVR with mbed
    PS2 - PS/2 keyboard, mouse
    Midi - Controlling Synthesizers, etc..
    MAX3100 Additional external serial ports.

Storage & Smart Cards

    SD Card File System
    Wav_SD_Card_Read-for-RS-EDP - Reading the header of a .wav file stored on an SD card.
    SD_Card_Write-for-RS-EDP - Writing a character string to a file on an SD card.
    Smart Card.

Interfacing with other languages

    Interfacing Using RPC
    Interfacing with Matlab
    Interfacing with Python
    Interfacing with LabVIEW
    Interfacing with Java
    Interfacing with JavaScript
    Assembly Language - Using Assembly Language and how to debug using the free Keil Tools ARM emulator
    Interfacing with .NET

Utilities for an application

    ConfigFile - Variable configuration file helper class
    FirmwareUpdater - Update your application binary via WEB.
    SerialBuffered - An extension to the Serial library that provides customisable buffering
    DebounceIn - Extends DigitalIn to add mechanical switch deboucing of inputs.
    PinDetect - Similar to DebounceIn above but adds "interrupt" style callbacks on pin state change.
    MODGPS - A library that supports easily adding a GPS module to your project.
    MODMAX7456 - A library that supports the MAX7456 on-screen display chip.
    MODSERIAL - An extended version of Serial that provides full IO buffering.
    MODDMA - A library that manages the GPDMA peripheral as an easy to use library.
    MAX3100 Additional external serial ports.
    FunctionPointer - Mbed's callback mechanism explained
    FPointer - An advanced library callback mechanism


    HitexMatrix - A low cost prototyping board with SMT footprint for most major devices and a matrix area on 0.1" pitch.
    RS EDP - A professional embedded development platform for educational and professional use.
    Embedded Artists Baseboard
    Cool Components Workshop Board
    StarBoard Orange
    SKPang Dev Board
    Individual Connector Breakout Boards
    NGX mX Baseboard

Reference, Tutorials and Examples, Events

This section is for the sort of reusable information that can help you get your job done.

    Events - Confirmed mbed events
    Workshop - Notes and resources for running mbed workshops
    ESP-KTN - Workshop notes for ESP-KTN Workshop sessions

Tutorials and Examples

    Writing a Library - How to write your own library
    Documenting a Library - How to get API documentation automatically generated for your own library
    Calling Library API Functions - How to use the official mbed libraries
    RFID Tweeter - Simple "Internet of Things" example using RFID and Twitter
    Serial Interrupts - How to get started using serial interrupts with buffering and demo code
    Power Management - How to get started using power management features to reduce power and demo code
    WatchDog Timer - How to use the watchdog timer, brown-out detection, and a short code example
    mbed Rover - Combining motors, QEI, PID control and an IMU
    iRobot Create Robot or a Roomba - How to get started using mbed for control
    Using mbed with GCC and Eclipse Getting started using the mbed chip offline with Linux, Eclipse, and GCC
    Using mbed with GCC and a text editor - using the mbed chip offline (Windows, modifiable for Linux)
    Bit-banding - (Non-Interruptible) Atomic bit modification


    LPC1768 Pinout IC format - LPC1768 pinout in IC format
    LPC1768 Pinout Table - LPC1768 pinout in table format
    Reference Design - Hardware reference designs, starting with LPC1768


This section is about PCB design resources

    Mbed Eagle Library -Easy and effective Eagle library that will accelerate your design ideas.


Cookbook pages or links to notebook pages documenting any projects you are working on.

    mbed Robot Racing
    Drum Machine
    mbed Demo Display - A big interactive demo you can program on-the-fly
    MOSFET Tester and Ohm Meter - Project that uses the mbed to find resistance and test MOSFETs.
    Pololu 3pi Robot - Adapting this great robot platform for mbed
    NetTool - Demo program utilizing raw ethernet I/O of tcp, udp, arp, and icmp.
    Student Projects - Links to an assortment of student projects
    Cariad SMS Monitor - An SMS based remote monitoring solution for boats
    Tollos - an open source supervisor for mbed
    Jumentum SOC How to get started with the Jumentum system-on-chip programming environment for LPC microcontrollers, including mbed.
    CNC machine - mbed controlled pcb drilling machine
    Big Mouth Billy Bass - Everything you need to build your own!

Community and Support

    Support for StarBoard Orange - Community based support for StarBoard Orange

Other things

    Blogroll - Add in your favourite blogs and mentions of mbed
    deadmbed - Having trouble with your mbed working?
    Backup - Backup your published programs and libraries

Saludos y espero que les resulte útil!
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« Respuesta #1 en: 22 de Enero de 2011, 12:02:36 »

Muy interesante Vek y pedazo de post te mandaste  Sonreir!

Un abrazo!
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"¿Lo quiere rápido, barato, o bien hecho? Puede elegir dos de las tres cosas." Arthur C. Clarke.
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« Respuesta #2 en: 22 de Enero de 2011, 01:38:58 »

La página esta buena, pero no todo lo que reluce es oro. Esta bastante piola que el compilador corra desde la web ( via AJAX ) eso facilita las cosas ya que no se requiere de instalaciones ni setup. La contra que tiene es que para realizar un "signup" tenes que comprar un kit. Además busque y lo única que liberan son ciertos códigos, lo mas grosso esta oculto en su servidor, como por ejemplo el stack TCP y el manejo del FAT, al compilar desde su server linkean con sus propias aplicaciones. La idea no es mala.

Saludos !
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« Respuesta #3 en: 23 de Enero de 2011, 08:28:32 »

en el sase del año anterior se realizo un workshop con este bichito y la verdad bastante bueno, es verdad esta bueno de poder sentarte, logearte, programar y probarbar en unos minutos si tu prototipo funciona o cumple con lo que pensaste. Le veo algunas ventajas pero la contra de las librerias y si pensas realizar algo importante con ese arm tambien son para tener en cuenta. El primer contacto con un arm fue en ese workshop y me gusto mucho, luego pedi a ti un sample y arme mi placa prototipo.

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Siempre hacia adelante
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« Respuesta #4 en: 24 de Enero de 2011, 08:19:44 »

Upa, no había llegado a pinchar en el link Compiler de la página. Me llamó la atención la diversidad drivers y que estaban bien documentados y organizados.
Posta que la idea no es mala, uno se ahorra el tener que instalarse un toolchain.
Con respecto al Kit, desde mi punto de vista no creo que haya forma de poder zafar de al menos tener que comprar (o que te den el esquemático y el PCB, que al final puede que te salga mas caro sin mencionar que tenés que conseguirte los componentes SMD sueltos).
La comodidad de desarrollar embebidos termina donde empieza el Hardware, necesitás esa parte ya implementada para poder abstraerte de la misma y concentrarte en desarrollar. Siempre que te viene un ejemplo en cualquier IDE está basada en un HW desarrollado por ellos mismos.
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